For Wholesale information please contact us at

Note: Wholesale customers will have to register as a normal customer when they send us the required business documents; we will upgrade their account as wholesale customers.

The required documents are:

  1. PAN-VAT Registration Certificate


  1. Tax clearance certificate
  2. Department Of Commerce certificate
  3. Local GOV registration certificate


  • The wholesaler has to purchase a minimum Rs.10000 of products. All products & pricing are likely to change at a seasonal time.


  • We have esewa and skrill for online payment. All payment will be at the time of whole purchase.

Selling our items

  • The Gifthome will provide you the products in wholesale price. So products cannot be re-sold to other wholesalers, Cannot be re-sold online or in-store to wholesale or discounted price.

Private label

  • All products purchased under trademark protection. The wholesaler cant sale in any situation any other name or brands.


  • If you cancel your order in the processing your order, we are happy to cancel your order, but once the order in process, we cannot cancel it.
  • Online cancellations of wholesale order are conditional to a 5{fdb171e4865370b0ad04cf1f85df4ef1084691710efe9884e2609867760f9ed7} restocking fee.

Order Changes

  •  Please make sure and review carefully to your order before submitting it. Because we can’t change the request to order after purchase.

Multiple Shipping Address

  • We can’t deliver to multiple addresses; we only delivered to the delivered address which you will provide in a description of delivering information. If you want to deliver in multiple addresses please place one order for each delivery address.

Return Mail

  • If the purchases return because the address provided to us was not correct that will not be our responsibility for re-delivery. We will contact the buyer for the correct address. But the re-shipping and handling have to be repaid before we can send purchases.


  •  We will provide some percent discount to our regular customer. This offer will not be applied to a wholesale customer.
  • Coupon code can’t be used by a wholesale customer. If you used the unauthorize coupon you will be charged from your account.

Damaged Replacement

  • Once we know that the any of the products you receive is damaged, we will replace products with undamaged products.

Note: Please notify us within 3 working days of receiving your order if it has an anything wrong with your order. ( we can only replace the order with company related products and its rule and regulations  ) Otherwise, we can’t replace the product going beyond our policies.